Your site is up, you’ve got a great promotion going and your SEO efforts are bringing in plenty of traffic. Yet the sales aren’t happening, and not only that, but complaints about your site are rolling in. What do you do? Well first, don’t ignore those complaints! You should have a dedicated email address set up to accept website feedback and be responsive to it. This goes a long away toward soothing angry and frustrated customers.

The most common complaint about websites is slow loading. This could be due to several factors. A big one is photos that are too large. You want clear, high def photos on your site but try to compress them to avoid large file sizes, which will take longer to load. Your webhost should be able to tell you how to optimize your website to insure it loads as fast as possible. Another thing that causes slow loading is a lack of bandwidth. Make sure your hosting plan includes as much as possible. This may require purchasing a dedicated server plan rather than a shared one. Slow loading can also be caused by server problems beyond your control, so it’s important to have a webhost that is very responsive and has a good reputation.

Another common website complaint is videos. Videos themselves are not bad things, and they can add a lot to a site if they are well done. The problem comes when they are set to auto play-especially if they force ads before the content. Almost no one likes auto play videos. Those that like to shop in the wee hours or on their breaks at work do not appreciate a video suddenly blasting at them, and those that shop from their mobile devices do not appreciate their monthly data allowance being drained by auto play videos. So set them to off by default and let visitors decided whether to watch them or not.

Finally, shopping carts are a big source of website complaints. If you don’t have a good one, check out Your site’s cart shouldn’t dump their contents-many shoppers leave to do other things and then come back later to buy-and when they find their cart is now empty, will get angry and go elsewhere. Make sure it’s easy to view and edit as well, and that information like shipping rates and tax can be calculated through it. Don’t ever force shoppers to go through nearly the entire checkout process including entering their payment info before letting them see those fees. You’ll have happier customers that will come back again and again.

When you manage an online business, it’s hard to create a good relationship with your customers. This is more difficult for ecommerce store owners because they don’t have the ability to meet face to face with their clients and improve trust within a bond that is done through quality customer service. Fortunately, online businesses can still succeed without the seemingly necessary face-to-face contact.

If your business is losing customers, you may have three problem areas that should be adjusted immediately.

Poor Website Design

It doesn’t always seem that way to you, but designing a website poorly has more of an impact on your customers that you may have ever imagined. A poorly designed website doesn’t mean your page is bad or completely inaccessible, it just means that your customers are having problems with aspects of your site that make them hesitant to want to ever return.

If you have loyal customers, don't hesitate to ask what they would change about your site. Maybe there is too much content, the pages are hard to find, or there is too much work in checking out. Remember that customers like an easy shopping experience. With the help of a DIY eCommerce website builder, you can generally create a website that is not only manageable but easy to use.

You’re Too Pushy

While you may not be able to speak with customers face to face, customers can still see past some of the pushy sales tactics you have. For example, if you’re going to push out a last minute offer to your customers as they’re checking out, make sure the offer is worth it to them - such as offering a discounted price or a free item with purchase.

Another reason that customers wind up abandoning their carts is forcing registration. Not all customers want to sign up with their emails or create an account with your page. Consider this as a potential option for them, but not a necessary one to continue the checkout process.

Poor Photos

Quality photos are what are going to sell your products, along with a brief description of each item. Your customers cannot pick the items up and examine them, so they have to rely on what the photos display. If the photos on your website don’t show every angle, someone modeling or any other important details, chances are you are going to lose business. Remember that adding a few extra photos to each product only takes a few extra minutes and can make a world of difference in sales.

There are many good things that we can get from using cloud server hosting. In this modern era, using this kind of technology is really essential to enhance the computing activity in your house or in your company. This cloud technology allows us to store whatever we like virtually and it is including doing the server hosting. Below, you will find several goodness of using cloud server hosting.

  1. Free to Modify

When you use this kind of cloud technology to go the server hosting, you will have all the freedom to modify each and every single server software and adjust it to your needs. It will be very beneficial for you because in the end the server can work more efficiently and more accordingly to your need.

  1. More Stability

Using this kind of technology, you will be able to get more stability and also more security. It is because this kind of cloud technology is very private and it is only you that can interrupt or interferes with the performance of the server. Beside of that, you will get more stability from the fact that this kind of technology does not use hardware at all. So, there will be no error hardware problem that can slow the server.

  1. Save More Money

This technology can save a lot of money for you and your company especially because the service that you will get is way better than a traditional server. You can get faster service in cloud hosting and this is quite impossible to get when you use traditional one.

Those things above are the reasons why you should really use cloud server hosting so that you can feel the goodness. Use their service like the one provided by Web RTC Summit. It is affordable yet incredible in performance.

If you're a small business owner planning your website, chances are you've probably heard the term "SEO," which stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, SEM, SMO and SMM may be another matter altogether. If it all sounds like so much alphabet soup, you're not alone. Read on to learn how each of these web marketing strategies can help.


Simply put, SEO is what puts your website at the top of the search results page when someone searches for the goods or services or business provides. While the exact methods of achieving the coveted top-of-results-page position can be complicated due to the ever-evolving algorithms used by search engines, producing quality content and quality links will go a long way toward SEO success. It's important to get the help of experts such as those at to help you develop a winning SEO strategy.


Search Engine Marketing is the use of advertising on search engine results pages. All those ads you see either at the top of the page or to the side are there because of SEM. Pay-per-click (PPC), sometimes referred to as cost-per-click (CPC) is one commonly used SEM method. With PPC, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This can be well worth the investment if, once a visitor arrives at your website, you can convert that visit into a sale.


Social Media Optimization not only increases the visibility of your business' social media profiles and presence but also your published content. SMO is basically SEO for all your social media activity. Effective SMO makes it easier for people to find and share your content, and is an important tool for driving traffic to your blog or website. Adding social sharing buttons to your content is a quick and easy step you can take to help improve your business' SMO.


You know those ads that appear on the side of the screen when you're browsing Facebook on your computer? That's Social Media Marketing in action. SMM is a form of paid advertising and can be an extremely effective way to increase your brand exposure and direct traffic to your website.

Each of these marketing methods is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. An easy way to help remember which does what is that SEM and SMM involve paid advertising while SEO and SMO do not. However, it is well worth the investment to get expert help in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

For individuals who have recently begun blogging or are energetic about it, here are several tips which would help them to go about as experts in a brief while. These tips are simple and anybody can gain from them. These blogging so as to blog tips for fledglings are regularly prescribed specialists over the globe.

Be enthusiastic about your Blog

Be regular and yourself. On the off chance that you are energetic about what you need to expound on then here's the space. Stream... in the event that you are not amped up for your online journal, the why might the perusers be?

Be predictable with your Blog

A fruitful online journal that develops in readership takes persistence and time. Begin by considering yourself responsible to blog in any event once every week and develop from that beginning stage.

Blog about your ability

Many individuals compose yet in the event that you are to blog around a specific subject you have to improve your skill. Increase the value of your Blog and ask yourself, "what would I be able to blog about unhesitatingly & proficiently'?

Keep in touch with your perusers with a heart

In case you're energetic about and a specialist, it's critical that your message has a reason

Legitimacy is the key

"Being you" is simple to the point that it may feel off-base. This doesn't mean you ought to distribute a post that hasn't been changed for clarity or punctuation. It's essential to be genuine.

Have a timetable and incorporate breaks

Indeed, even a blogger who has aptitude and energy hits a hindrance once in a while. A few days, written work is harder than different days-for reasons unknown. Unwind, think, design & re-imagine

Get social

Verify you incorporate approaches to urge perusers to share your blog entries. Likewise, in case you're blogging about somebody or some item you truly love, make sure to label that individual or organization on Twitter when you share your blog entry.

Re-reason your blog entries

Subsequent to investing such attentive energy creating supportive and significant posts, it would be a disgrace to abandon them to kick the bucket some place in the documents of your online journal or site. Channelize it well. Record your data as a podcast for individuals to listen to on-the-go. Tweet out jokes (more breadcrumbs) that move individuals to click for more points of interest. You get the thought. Play around with it.

I trust these tips will urge you to truly grasp the test of blogging for business and assist you with blogging in a manner that will help in your business.